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Creating a Cookies Banner with JavaScript

Learn how to implement a customizable and open source cookies banner on your website using the consent-banner-js library from GitHub.

Rating: 9

Added: 2024-05-17T21:19:11.204+00:00

Screen Wake Lock Supported in All Browsers

Learn about the new feature that allows web developers to prevent mobile devices from going to sleep while using their applications. This can greatly enhance user experience and prevent frustration when completing tasks.

Rating: 8

Added: 2024-05-17T21:16:21.135+00:00

Exploring the View Transition API

Discover the power of the View Transition API for creating smooth and sleek transitions in web development. This article dives into how this API can enhance user experience and add a touch of elegance to your projects.

Rating: 8

Added: 2024-05-10T19:40:56.305+00:00

Beware of Fake Performance Experts and Apps

Learn how to spot and avoid fake web performance experts and apps that promise quick fixes but deliver poor web vitals results. Stay informed to protect your website's performance and user experience.

Rating: 7

Added: 2024-05-10T19:38:46.589+00:00

Things That Can Break Aspect Ratio in CSS

Learn about common pitfalls that can break aspect ratio when working with CSS, and how to avoid them. Ensure your designs maintain the intended proportions with these helpful tips.

Rating: 7

Added: 2024-05-07T19:55:12.275+00:00

The Complete Guide to Captioned Videos

Explore a comprehensive list of resources to create captivating captions for your videos. From design techniques to cutting-edge tools, this guide has everything you need to make your content accessible to all audiences.

Rating: 8

Added: 2024-04-28T18:58:37.203+00:00

How to Kill the Cascade in CSS

Exploring numerous methods to override cascade styles in CSS, providing techniques to exert more control over the styling of web elements.

Rating: 10

Added: 2024-04-28T18:56:44.254+00:00

Building a Micro HTMX SSR Framework with Vite

Learn how to implement server-side rendering using Vite to create a fast and efficient HTMX SSR framework for your web development projects.

Rating: 8

Added: 2024-04-21T04:34:25.562+00:00

Optimizing V8 Methods: Math.hypot()

Learn how to optimize V8's Math.hypot() method to improve performance and enhance your web development skills.

Rating: 10

Added: 2024-04-21T04:31:24.338+00:00

Exploring the Native Popover API

Discover the power of the native popover API and how it can enhance user experience on your website. Learn how to implement elegant and functional popovers using HTML and JavaScript.

Rating: 8

Added: 2024-04-12T20:43:56.555+00:00

Create Custom SVG Maps Easily with CartoSVG

CartoSVG is a user-friendly online tool that allows you to generate customized SVG maps quickly and effortlessly. No need to code from scratch - simply choose your design elements and export a high-quality SVG map for your web development projects.

Rating: 8

Added: 2024-04-01T10:49:23.193+00:00

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