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Node.js for Desktop Automation: A Beginner's Guide

Learn how to leverage the power of Node.js for automating desktop tasks, such as UI testing, file manipulation, and data scraping. This article explores the possibilities of using Node.js to simplify and streamline your everyday desktop automation needs.

Rating: 10

Added: 2023-12-26T10:45:18.965+00:00

An Introduction to Debugging in Node.js

Discover various debugging tools and techniques to efficiently troubleshoot and inspect your Node.js applications. This blog post covers debugging in different environments including containers, and provides insights on popular debugging tools like Chrome DevTools, Visual Studio Code, and Node Inspector.

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Added: 2023-12-26T10:44:11.77+00:00

Request Animation Frames: A Cross-Environment Solution

Discover how to efficiently use requestAnimationFrame in JavaScript to create smooth animations in any environment. This article explores the benefits of using the requestAnimationFrame API and provides a comprehensive solution that works seamlessly in all browsers and platforms. Whether you're working with vanilla JS, React, or Node.js, this guide will help you optimize your animations and improve overall performance. Say goodbye to jittery animations and hello to silky-smooth transitions!

Rating: 7

Added: 2023-12-26T10:40:22.869+00:00

Node.js Scheduled Tasks Made Easy with Agenda

Discover how Agenda, a task scheduling library for Node.js, can simplify your job of managing scheduled tasks. With an intuitive API and powerful features like job concurrency and job prioritization, Agenda provides a robust solution for handling various scheduling scenarios. Whether you need to send automated emails, generate reports, or perform periodic database cleanups, Agenda can help you streamline your workflows and improve the efficiency of your Node.js applications. Check out this informative guide to learn more about Agenda and how it can benefit your web development projects.

Rating: 8

Added: 2023-12-26T10:34:55.474+00:00

npmprune: A Handy npm Library to Prune Modules for Docker

npmprune is an npm module designed to help streamline the size of your Docker containers. It enables developers to easily remove unnecessary modules from their applications, reducing the overall container size and improving efficiency. By leveraging npmprune, developers can optimize their Docker images and ensure they only include the necessary dependencies. This library provides a simple and effective solution for managing and minimizing node modules in a Docker environment.

Rating: 7

Added: 2023-12-16T08:25:20.024+00:00

Using Placeholder for Geocoding in Node.js

Check out this nice library called Placeholder that provides geocoding functionality in Node.js. With its easy-to-use API, you can quickly integrate geocoding features into your web development projects. As a web development blog, we highly recommend this library for anyone working with location-based data.

Rating: 10

Added: 2023-12-16T08:23:55.18+00:00

The Hanging Punctuation Property in CSS

Learn about the hanging punctuation property in CSS, which is a great tool for enhancing the readability of online content. This property allows you to adjust the punctuation marks at the start or end of a line, creating a cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing text layout. With hanging punctuation, you can ensure that quotes, bullets, and other punctuation marks don't disrupt the flow of your text. This article provides a detailed explanation of how to use the hanging punctuation property effectively in your web development projects.

Rating: 10

Added: 2023-12-02T09:45:29.039+00:00

Hollow Text Hover Effect with Only Three Lines of CSS

Learn how to create an eye-catching hollow text hover effect using just three lines of CSS. This tutorial covers the process of filling text with CSS in WebKit, creating a captivating and interactive design element. With this technique, you can easily add a touch of creativity to your web development projects, catching the attention of your visitors. Dive into the code and explore the possibilities of this compact and efficient CSS solution.

Rating: 5

Added: 2023-12-02T09:44:02.925+00:00

Scroll-Driven Animations: An Introduction

Discover how to create scroll timelines using JavaScript and CSS to animate elements against the view or document scroll. This article explores the power of scroll-driven animations and provides tips and tricks for implementing them effectively.

Rating: 8

Added: 2023-11-26T19:11:54.896+00:00

Build an OTP Input Field

This article provides a detailed reference for junior web developers on how to build a one-time pass (OTP) input field using HTML and DOM manipulation. By following the step-by-step instructions, junior developers can enhance their understanding of DOM manipulation and improve their skills in creating user-friendly OTP input fields. The tutorial also includes useful tips and best practices for error handling and accessibility.

Rating: 5

Added: 2023-11-23T15:40:09.741+00:00

How to Build a Server-Side React App using Vite and Express

This tutorial provides a step-by-step guide on creating a Server-Side React (SSR) app using Vite and Express. It explains the process of setting up Vite and Express, creating a basic React component, and configuring server rendering. The tutorial aims to simplify the implementation of SSR in React and offers a straightforward approach for developers to get started with building server-side rendered React applications.

Rating: 9

Added: 2023-11-18T16:28:05.112+00:00

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